Day 6: Your favourite PV.

I think it’s still Guren. It had a really big impact on me… Even though Ruki wore a couch.

But I’m going to go and watch Ruder now <3

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Day 5: Your favourite single.

A-side-wise, I think I’m still hung up on Filth in the Beauty, REGRET and Hyena. B-side-wise I’ll always go with Guren for Kyomu no Owari Hakozume no Mokushi (does ANYONE even remember this song?) and SHIVER for HESITATING MEANS DEATH.

Oh but REGRET for Psychedelic Heroine.

I’m sorry I’m really bad at choosing just one with this damn band.

Day 4: Your favourite mini album.

I’m really torn between Gama and MADARA, because Gama has COCKROACH on it and MADARA has Ruder, but I’m going to choose MADARA because I think it’s more consistent and I love all of the crazy PVs they recorded for every single song and these videos were my first PVs by them and left me quite shocked.

Can a thin person have body image struggles? Can a thin person be at war with their self-image? Can a thin person hate to look in the mirror?


And does that suck?


But the difference between these negative feelings and fatphobia is this: The only person worrying about whether or not I’m meeting beauty standards is me.

And that’s not the same for fat folk.

When you’re not thin, other people on the beach actually do take offense. When you’re not thin, people really do think that you shouldn’t be in a bathing suit. When you’re not thin, people really do make your body their moral obligation.

And while your internal struggle is real and significant, the point is: You might hate your body, but society doesn’t.

That’s thin privilege.

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Day 3: Your favourite album.

I guess at first I would say NIL if someone asked me to answer as fast as possible. It’s like their classic. I’m sure this album is the one that made them gain the most fans, and it has Maggots and DISCHARGE and Baretta and of course Taion, but then I really love DIM, since there’s only one song that I just always skip (IN THE MIDDLE OF CHAOS), but can’t live without the rest. I really like the flow of it and it has 13STAIRS[-]1, Guren and DIM SCENE, which is one of my favourites of all time.


those tumblr mutuals you rlly want to be friends with but are too cool for you

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An anonymous novel written on the walls of an abandoned house in Chongqing, China (2012)


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