Kiyoharu & Ruki

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Day 19: Your favourite Aoi picture.
Day 18: Your favourite Uruha picture.
The hair in this one. Love it. I actually think Uruha’s best pictures are from lives when he’s not made up into a plastic doll. And his expression isn’t empty like in this one.
Day 17: Your favourite Ruki picture.
There’s so many, but the first one that came to my mind was this one. I really liked the whole LEECH look. Rough, simple and black.
Day 16: Your favourite group picture.
Gotta be NLSG era. Btw, google corrected my NLSG to NLSB today and that’s just sad.


[applies only to people living in Japan who are part of Heresy and make an average income of $80K USD/year because this shit ain’t for the broke or ugly]


Forget about buying it if you’re

  • broke
  • not in Japan
  • not a fanclub member
  • not already naturally good looking
Day 15: Your first Gazette PV.

All PVs from MADARA. I loved them, they were so crazy my mum yelled at me for watching them :D

Vital Material INCI

So I’ve gone through the ingredients of one of the hand creams.

Water, olive oil, cetearyl alcohol, propanediol, glycerol
Glyceryl stearate, ethylhexyl palmitate
Tri (caprylate / caprate), arnica flower extract
Cucumber fruit extract, ivy leaf / stem extract, Sambucus nigra flower extract
Mallow flower extract, Palier Thalia extract, Nobaraekisu, cetearyl glucoside
Ethanol, phenoxyethanol, xanthan gum, stearoyl glutamate acid Na
BG, fragrance

You can buy hand creams with very similar ingredients for a lot lower prices locally. Plus, all the extracts are pretty low in the ingredients list, so there’s not so much of them in there, just sayin’~ And it’s only 50ml.

Day 14: Your first Gazette song.


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